Hot Spring

Open-air or Indoor Hot Spring at Hakone Ryokan

Enjoy our famous hot spring with the scenic view of beautiful Mountain Fuji and Lake Ashi in Hakone, a nature-blessed place.
We have both shared open-air hot spring and private open-air baths.
You can have a relaxed, mind-healing time surrounded by the nature.

Towels (including bath towels), yukatas (2), soap, shampoo, conditioner, razor blades, basic cosmetics, toothbrush, hair dryer

Hot Spring Temperature
43°C / 108°F

Hot Springs Effective for...
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, scars, fractures, burns, Hemorrhoids, diabetes, women's diseases, fatigue recovery, stress relief etc.

Other Information
To allow male and female guests enjoy both types of the large shared baths, please note that we switch the available hour for each bath for each gender after dinner. This is notified at the entrance of the hot spring baths.

Shared Open-air Hot Spring Baths

Indoor Private Hot Spring Bath
(for families)

*pre-booking is not required for the private bath so you can use it anytime upon its vacancy.

In-room Private Open-air Bath

*pictures are also available in the each room type information via "Rooms" tab.